Esin Güral Argat

Esin Güral Argat


Born in 1969 in Kütahya. Received her Bachelor’s Degree in Anatolian University Department of Business Administration and his Master’s Degree in İstanbul University Department of Business Administration and Finance Institution.

Started operating on tile ceramic through Güven Çini ve Seramik San. A.S. established by her in 1992. Thanks to cooperation carried out with Italians blended traditional manufacturing method with technology and enabled serial and efficient manufacturing.

She is the Vice President of Board of Directors in industry, tourism and construction companies owned by Gürok Group. She is also member of TUSİAD, TİKAD, TKYD and GIF.

Succeeding in both business and family life, Esin Güral Argat is married, has two children and speaks English.