General Manager Message

General Manager Message

Our understanding of service that focuses on the demand and needs of our business partners, the importance we place on quality and innovation in products, being accessible to our business partners at many times are crowned with the successful and award-winning projects we have created together; hence, the connection we have established with our business partners can improve. Furthermore, we are doing a unique process consisting of on-site analysis, detailed project planning, design and follow-up, which we have created to offer the most optimal technical design and creative glass packaging for our business partners' products to achieve more effective and satisfying results. Our glass packaging, which we design for the products of which our customers dream of the best, is deemed worthy of important and prestigious awards in our country and around the world and makes us proud.

Since the day we were founded, our primary goal is to produce innovative products focused on increasing our business partners' satisfaction and making our leadership in this direction sustainable in our industry. In order to move our industry forward, we invest heavily in R&D in order to enhance productivity and reduce product weight by preserving mechanical strength in products. In the coming period, we aim to raise the variety of services and maximize customer satisfaction with the investments we will make in our field.

As GCA, we aim to stay up to date with the global trends in our industry and to grow our market share in the international arena. We export to more than 40 countries thanks to our development graph that we have achieved by working hard with our team as a big family.

Our trained and talented staff combine their work with their knowledge and experience. Thus, we successfully bring our corporate identity together with our target audience. As an institution that contributes to our country's economy and attaches importance to employment, we continue to make investments in the glass packaging industry and continue to increase our success.

We wish our business partnerships to be permanent in many more years.

Abdullah Gayret / GCA General Manager