Our Environmental Policy

Our Environmental Policy

We, GCA treat environment as a precious treasure to benefit from and believe that it must be protected to ensure the entire world in the future also benefits from it.

Within this scope we undertake to;

  • Meet and go even further the requirements of environment regulation,

  • Ensure continuous and sustainable development of environment management,

  • To follow technological developments to prevent environment pollution, decrease wastes at source, recycle as much as possible, and eliminate or have non-recyclable wastes eliminated without causing harm to environment,

  • To spread environment protection principal to our region, country and world,

  • Inculcate environmental consciousness into our shareholders and set an example,

  • To efficiently use power and materials in consideration of optimum use of resources of the nation,

  • To take environmental impacts of new products, processes and activities under control,

  • In case of an undesirable condition which may harm environment occurs to notify related bodies, and to cooperate with authorized parties to remove or diminish the effects.