The Project Ağaçköy

The Project Ağaçköy

As GCA and LAV, we support the Robotic Coding training of students in Ağaçköy.

GCA and LAV, which are followers and implementers of the latest technology, are partnering with young students' high-level technology education with Robotic Coding training at Ağaçköy Primary and Secondary School. Programming and Robotic Coding training are given to students in the project, which was decided to continue throughout the year, since the project, which started with a 1-month internship in the summer of 2018, was highly productive for students.

During the training carried out with the help of professional trainers, a total of 94 students, 42 of whom are primary school students and 52 secondary school students, are introduced to robotic coding. While the training is carried out 4 days a week and 17 hours in total, outside of the daily course hours; It is also ensured that students spend their out-of-school hours productively. In today's world, where technological developments are experienced day by day, it is among the main objectives of the project that students have a good command of today's technologies and can lead these developments in the future. At the same time, providing the development of analytical thinking in children, increasing their school success and contributing to their socialization are also substantial benefits of the project for kids.

In Robotic Coding Education, students are not only limited to theoretical knowledge but also, thanks to the training reinforced with practical training, students gain knowledge that they can use for life and even contribute to the development of our world by improving it. At the same time, thanks to the entertaining program, students' interest in technology is enhanced. Thanks to the project, which also found comprehensive coverage in the local and national press, the ideas of meeting children with technology more, spreading such tasks and making the new generation ready for the future are getting stronger. Taking pride in bringing students together with technology, GCA and LAV continue to take steps to develop children's math and computer science skills at an early age and to raise individuals who are beneficial to society.

With the Science Fair event that took place on March 13, 2019, the projects prepared by the school students within the scope of the TÜBİTAK 4006 Science Fairs Support Program were shared with the families, the Governorship, the Directorate of National Education and the officials of the GCA and LAV at the Ağaçköy Middle School Science Fair. Erol Güral, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors, who participated in the Science Fair, said about the project, “We are quite happy for the participation to see talents of our children in the Ağaçköy robotic coding training, which is a step taken to arouse the curiosity of our children in the fields of science, mathematics, engineering and technology. The upbringing of future scientists depends on encountering such training and activities at a young age and imagining the future. As GCA and LAV, we will continue to support our youth as always.” Furthermore, he also stated, “As the next step, we will introduce vertical farming, one of the current techniques in the world, in order to encourage our children to dream in the light of technological developments in the field of agriculture.”