Yıldız Education Project

Yıldız Education Project

The project was born on 02.08.2006 on the 10th anniversary of the company and was named after Ms. Yıldız Güral. The project commenced in 2006-2007 education term.


To create an opportunity for company employees who want to built a good future for their children and prepare them for life.
There is no doubt that a good high school is the key to a good university.
Within this scope the project is initiated for Secondary Schools Examinations (OKS) and continued preparation for Placement Examinations (SBS).


Provided training for a total 296 students in following periods;

  • 62 students in 2006-2007 Education Term,
  • 110 students in 2007-2008 Education Term,
  • 124 students in 2008-2009 Education Term,
  • 117 students in 2009-2010 Education Term.


Prepare the students for Placement Test,

  • Increase their success rate in schools,
  • Contibute in their socialization,
  • Build self-confidence,
  • Help them become beneficial individuals to society,
  • Contribute in their intelligence quotient,

To do our part in raising a generation to carry Turkey even above the level of contemporary civilizations. Placement test is applied in the beginning of course and students are divided in following classes depending on the results;

  • 8th Grade -3 class levels
  • 7th Grade-3 class levels
  • 6th Grade-2 class levels