EKOMAT, which stands for Economic Ecological Reverse Vending Machine, of which GCA is one of the main financiers, is a wide-ranging pilot sustainability project that aims to achieve %100 recycling of glass, plastic and metal beverage packaging, raise recycling awareness and collect numerical data for waste management.  

Started on June 17, 2022, the project continues with increasing interest every day.

With the recycled beverage waste recovered in the EKOMAT project;

Glass bottles are recycled into new glass packaging products without any loss.

Plastic bottles are recycled into textile products.

Metal cans are recycled  into personal care products such as toothpaste tubes.

While we produce glass- a material that can be recycled one hundred percent and infinitely- in accordance with global standarts, we also develop projects to reduce our footprint in production.

In this context, in the 18th month of our EKOMAT project, which serves approximately 100,000 people and aims to raise consumer awareness to recycle packaging materials, a total of 2 million 300 thousand glass, plastic and metal bottles were recycled through reverse vending machines. Within the project 195,000 kg natural resources were saved, while the energy consumption savings met the energy needs of 897 residences for one year. Carbon footprint savings amounted to 6.136 kg CO2, Energy consumption savings to 112.517 (kWh). While the greenhouse gas equivalent to the greenhouse gas emision of 238 trees in 1 year was prevented, oil equivalent to the average fuel consumption of 18 thousand 543 vehicles in 1 day was prevented from being wasted. With all these savings, more 1.6 million TL than provided to the national economy.


From the link below, you can see the up-to-date packaging waste statistics of EKOMATs so far.