Glass Hallmark

Glass Hallmark

We all strive for a more sustainable future. As people all over Europe are taking more steps to reduce their environmental footprint, they are also becoming more vocal in their expectations that businesses do more to help them make more sustainable choices.

The glass packaging industry has long been a trusted partner for helping businesses and individuals act in line with these desires. Glass is recyclable and protects the integrity of the product inside. As we collectively work towards a more sustainable future, we want to remind the world what they already love about glass and the value it brings in making that future a reality. That’s why we’ve created the Glass Hallmark.

Glass is the packaging of choice for safeguarding our planet.

Made entirely of raw materials found in nature, glass is simple and does no significant harm to the environment. It’s the only packaging that’s both reusable and infinitely recyclable, with endless lives: glass can be recycled again and again, in an endless loop, into new bottles and jars. 

Glass is a trusted and proven choice for those seeking wellness.

Because of its inherent inertness and protective properties, glass acts as a safe barrier to external agents, meaning products are preserved for longer in glass, even once opened. This makes glass the natural choice for preserving not only the quality of the product, but the health of the people who use it.