Hiring Process

With the awareness that it is you, our dear employees, who made us who we are and will always take us one step further, each of our employees is valuable and special for us. Therefore, our biggest goal is to see our employees who love to come to work, and who are happy in both their professional and personal lives.

Our friends who want to do good to themselves, their company and country need to approach the corporate matters with the mindset of “we” not “I”, to work with passion and compassion at all times, to embrace the work they do and our family, to develop constantly, and to keep up with the innovations.

GCA Hiring Process


Our vacancy announcements are posted on www.kariyer.net, and our candidates may apply to the vacancies by sending their resumes both via kariyer.net and to hr@gca.com.

Our biggest goal in the hiring process of GCA is to conduct a fair process with the purpose of hiring the right person for the right job. Therefore, all our candidates are provided with equal opportunities during the evaluation of applications, and our whole process is transparent.

Here are the steps of our interview process:

  • Interview based on Competence - General Ability Test
  • Professional Personality Inventory
  • English Level Placement Test
  • Human Resources Interview

Our Human Resources department makes an employment offer to our candidates who successfully pass all the stages above after the evaluations..

Students and New Graduates / Internship Applications


We value you esteemed friends, the future of our country and our company!

We present you a unique experience where you will find the opportunity to practice and develop all the theoretical information you have learned all your university life, and where you can master this opportunity with a project.

Project Internship Program is a program for the junior and senior students of the departments of Mechanical Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Metallurgical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Industrial Design and Management Engineering. Our friends who want to apply to this program should have a minimum GPA of 2.5.

Our project intern friends are carefully selected through intense screening, and they carry out a project assigned to them throughout their internship. After working on a project throughout their internship, they make a presentation of their project on the last day of their internship.

Project internship applications are accepted in March every year, and we carry out interviews with our approved intern friends during April.


Our friends who need to complete mandatory internships in the relevant departments of the universities may apply to our company, and complete their internship in the suitable departments of our company.

The internship approvals and information on internship periods are provided in writing to the students whose internship applications are approved.

Please contact our Human Resources department to learn about the opportunities provided to the candidates whose internship applications are approved.