Opportunities and Benefits

Private Health Insurance

We want our employees to know that we are by their side, not only in good days but also in bad. That is why we provide our employees with private health insurance and desire them to benefit from a privileged health care.

Language Allowance

In our journey to become a leading business worldwide, we are aware of the importance ensuring that our employees develop their foreign languages, and maintain their level of foreign language knowledge. Therefore, our employees with a certain level of English knowledge are provided with language allowance.

Our employees need to obtain a certain point in TOEFL IBT exams to benefit from the language allowance. Our employees reaching this point scale are paid certain language compensation along with their salaries every month.


We provide accommodation in our contracted hotels for 1 month for our employees who join our family from different cities. Our goal is to expedite the process of adapting to our work and city for our new employees and to make them feel how valuable they are to us.

Performance Premium

After the performance evaluation process of each year, our employees in the positions entitled to premium are qualified to a performance premium in a certain proportion of their salaries depending on their points and evaluations based on their positions and evaluations.

Corporate Privilege Agreement

We, Gurallar Cam Ambalaj, make periodic agreements with organizations operating in different fields (textile, food, health, tourism etc.) to ensure our employees feel special and privileged, and this way, our employees benefit from special discounts.