GCA is an organization who adopted the principle of adapting to constant developments and changes. We are a learning organization. Therefore, we value training in our corporate culture.


Trainings aim to develop the competence, knowledge and skills levels of our employees, and to contribute to their personal growth. Based on the needs, along with technical, social, cultural and psychological trainings, other trainings aimed at developing business, management and leadership skills and increasing organizational efficiency are also provided. In GCA, we specially design our training programs for each employee according to their career plans; and we participate in many national and international trainings, fairs and symposiums.



Additionally, we have a sharing platform called “Gürok Academy” on which we provide online trainings, share useful information and videos with our employees. Thanks to Gürok Academy, our employees both develop their personal and technical competence, and contribute their social and professional lives by accessing many information and videos on many fields such as science, technology, nature, biology, management, economy, trends, general culture, consumer and market information that will benefit them in their daily lives.