When Did Glass Become Packaging?

Glass dates back to the earliest times of humanity with the name "obsidian". Often used as an ornament, it has benefited humanity with its aesthetic appearance.

Although the first glassware is not clearly known, the oldest known glassware today are Ancient Egyptian beads dating back to 2500 BC. In slightly later periods, glass vessels with zigzag patterns from Egyptian finds were found. The Greek historian Pliny, on the other hand, wrote in one of his articles that glassmaking started when soda and sand accidentally mixed into the fire in a furnace burned by caravans in Mesopotamia melted and turned into glass.

The first packaging made of glass dates back to 1904. With the machine invented by Michael J. Owens, the first glass jars and bottles began to be produced in August 1904.

The introduction of glass packaging into our lives has affected humanity in many areas. Happy 118th anniversary of the introduction of glass packaging, which contributes to both humanity and the world, with glass packaging not harming the food and beverages it preserves, being a product that can be used for years and endless recycling!

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When Did Glass Become Packaging?