World Environment Day

World Environment Day is celebrated on 5 June every year, with the decision taken at the United Nations Environment Conference held in Stockholm, Sweden in 1972. The purpose of World Environment Day is to raise awareness while drawing attention to environmental protection around the world.


Today, the importance of World Environment Day is understood by the global warming and climate change crises that are getting serious. So where can we start to protect our environment?


Reduce, reuse, recycle: These 3 steps are one of the easiest and most well-known ways to protect the environment. You can reuse or recycle what you do not use in your home by upcycling.


Shop smart: Make a list to avoid impulsive shopping and reduce your waste. When you need to buy a packaged product, choose recyclable packaging.


Save water: Remember to turn off the tap while brushing your teeth. Reduce the time you spend in the bathroom.


Change your transportation preferences: When going somewhere, try to leave your car at home as much as possible. You can go to your destination on foot or by bike. For longer distances, you can use public transport.


Turn off your electronic devices: Do not forget to turn off your television, game console, computers and other technology products when you are not using them.


Grow your own food: You can create your own small garden on your balcony or in your garden. Growing your own fruits and vegetables will make you feel good and you will be fed organically.



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