Health and Glass

When it comes to the matter of packaging, the most important factor to consider is health. Of all the packaging materials on the market, glass is one of the safest options givens its structure doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals, is produced from natural materials and is inert and impermeable.

When heated, washed or left to the flow of time some packaging materials structures start to deteriorate and start reacting with harmful chemicals to the detriment of the products its supposed to protect. Glass maintains its structural integrity, through which the health of the product within, whether its heated, washed or left to the flow of time. The benefits of using glass packaging material aren’t limited to the strength of its structure. Glass, being impermeable, isn’t porous, which in turn means that the taste, smell or flavor of the products do not stick with the glass packaging. After being washed, the packaging doesn’t carry any reminders of its previous products and maintains the new products with the same level of high-quality preservation.

As glass packaging prevents any chemical reactivity between the product and itself, it also foils any bacteria or other external chemicals from doing harm to the produce. This resilient nature of glass packaging has already started taking affect over the consumer, with 61% of consumers quizzed stating they would prefer to use glass packaging if provided as an option.


Health and Glass