How are Glass Marbles Produced?

People used marbles for entertainment or games since the antique Egypt and Roma Periods. Balls carved from stones or marble in the ancient ages, are only one of the many products covered by glass production.

The reason for preference of glass in manufacturing of balls is not only low cost or easy use. The primary reason is glass’ having very aesthetic appearance. Glass can be recycled several times without loss of material and preserving its mechanic or aesthetic properties in such recycling process. The raw materials to be used in glass marble manufacturing are mostly obtained from recycled glass.

Handmade glass marbles are produced by means of letting absorbance between colored glasses and crystal glass. The glassmaker forms the colored glass according to his / her design. The crystal glass melt in the furnace, is applied on those colored glasses and then, re-furnaced. After every layer, the product leaving the furnace is formed using hands and wet paper. Later, the marble is shaped to the required size and removed from the main mass. Particularly, the glass balls of larger size are used for decorative purposes and decorate homes.

Today, glass plants also produce glass marbles. Of course, the glass marbles produced in glass plants do have a plain appearance. They also have a standard size. The glass marbles used for gaming are mostly produced in factories.

How are Glass Marbles Produced?