It Is Time For Energy Conservation

Energy conservation week aims to teach how to use energy responsibly and to the extent of a person’s need. The week is held on the second week of January as a warning to the possibility of the future generations being put on a tough spot if energy is used excessively.

Regrettably, it isn’t enough to turn off the lights or to make further cuts on energy use to ensure conservation of energy. The reason being that the industrial complex consumes nearly twice the power the residential units do. And the best energy conservation plan for the industrial complex is to recycle. And one of the best fitting materials for the plan, being nearly infinitely recyclable, is glass.

Glass products put through recycling enable conservation of energy by spending less power than being created anew. Just by recycling a single glass bottle we conserve enough energy to power a 100-watt light bulb for an hour or to power our computers for 25 minutes.

And the benefits of recycling glass are not limited by the amount of energy conserved, because by recycling we can also lower the amount of CO2 emissions. For 1000 tons of glass melted down for recycling, we lower CO2 emissions by 314 tons. Added to these is of course the fact that we spend a considerably less amount of raw materials and lower the number of landfills by simply being recycled and not taking up any place in landfills, which with the figures given, would take up a considerable amount of space. However most importantly, through recycling we can raise the consciousness of our society and become consumers that wish to preserve and protect the environment.


It Is Time For Energy Conservation