What Benefits Come with Recycling of Glass?

The depletion of raw material resources enhances the importance we attach to recycling.

Reasons as to preferring glass for packaging are clear enough, recycling it for later purposes could be significantly helping producers to reduce the cost during production.
Repurposed glass being cheaper than the raw resources as well as production of the same product with only 10% of repurposed materials will save 2-3% of energy rather than producing it from raw materials, it is both cost efficient and energy efficient. Raising the public awareness on the energy saving aspect of recycling could benefit both the manufacturers and producers.

According to the data TUİK (Turkish Statistical Institution) provided, there is a significant increase throughout the years from 2008 to 2016, the amount of energy generation from waste and renewable energy resources increased from 0.6% (value in 2008) to 8.6% (value in 2016). 

Huge savings are made in terms of glass waste taking place in landfills and local dumps when glass is collected and repurposed, therefore those areas will be available for usage for different purposes later on. Reduction of air pollution and water pollution nearly 20% and 40% respectively, usage of repurposed glass is hugely helpful for the good of our environment.

Also, wastes on rural and suburban need to be recollected by municipal employees; therefore, recycling the glass waste after use and not littering could have a positive impact on government spending.

High quality products that GCA provides to the costumers are being inspected multiple times during their production and quality process, the ones that do not fit to the exceptional quality standards that GCA offers are repurposed to the furnace to be re-melted.


What Benefits Come with Recycling of Glass?