Why Do We Consume Mineral Water in Glass Bottles?

Our body needs many vitamins and minerals during the day. While we get these vitamins from what we eat and drink, we also get the necessary minerals from mineral water. Especially for the health of our digestive system, we often consume mineral water. So why do we consume mineral water in glass bottles?


The Co2 gas in the mineral water must be in a glass bottle so that it is not damaged by sunlight. The glass bottle does not impart any odor, taste, etc. to the food stored in it. does not mix. The raw material will be mixed with the mineral water in different materials due to the sun rays. Glass bottles are preferred so that the sun's rays do not reflect on the mineral water.


In order to get all the benefits of mineral water to our body, we need to drink it in its own bottle. Mineral water poured into the glass will cause the release of Co2 gas, which will reduce the minerals that will benefit your body. You should pay attention to the fact that the beverages you buy, such as mineral water, are in glass bottles that comply with food standards.

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Why Do We Consume Mineral Water in Glass Bottles?