Why Does Amulet Crack

Amulets, which we love to use as accessories are made of glass. These glass beads in different colors might sometimes crack due to various reasons. Although there are different interpretations on its talisman, we can associate its cracking with the following reasons. We must remember that; correct composition, correct tempering technique and correct melting and manufacturing normally yields in strong glasses which do not easily crack.

Among the primary reasons of the Amulet cracking is incorrect glass composition. In case the glass composition is incorrect, the glass strength would reduce.

In addition, due to incorrect tempering, excessive stresses accumulate on the glass body which causes its cracking. The stress between internal and external surface of the glass which cannot be reduced by thermal process, i.e. tempering, reduce strength of the glass and form areas which are not resistant to impacts, and when contacted to a hard substance, it may crack at such vulnerable and stressed points.

The Amulet can crack itself or its mechanical strength against minor impacts could reduce due to such reasons as failure to mix the glass homogenously in the process of melting. Glass melting is one of the preliminary stages in glass manufacturing processes. The premixes formed by mixing at certain compositions must be correctly prepared and controlled within the furnace while melting. If not taken into account within the manufacturing process, the strength of the glass bead may reduce to points which make it vulnerable even to small impacts.

Why Does Amulet Crack