2022 Q3 Customer Bulletin

1- Massage From GCA's General Manager Dr. Abdullah Gayret 

                GCA is a company that grows day by day and always moves forward. In this growth journey, it always keeps human and moral values ​​at the forefront. It has always determined a humane and environmentalist approach in terms of both its employee profile and its attitude towards people and the environment.

            We are environmentalists in our operations because we proceed with the principle of “environment means future”. In this context, we attach great importance to sustainability. We are taking very strong steps to raise awareness about sustainability. One of these steps is to raise awareness of the society. In order to raise awareness of the society, we publish remarkable and informative content about sustainability on our social media accounts. I would also like to emphasize here as we have emphasized everywhere that we support the declaration of 2022 as the International Year of Glass by the United Nations. In this direction, we act jointly with the European Union Glass Packaging Manufacturers Association and together we publish social media posts that raise awareness of sustainability in the society. In these posts, we highlight the fact that glass can be recycled endlessly and without losing anything from itself. Apart from social media, we aim to create recycling awareness and experience the waste management setup before the mandatory deposit application, with the EKOMAT project, which we realized in cooperation with the BIRCAM Foundation, Parkcam and GCA in Yalova this year. EKOMAT can be thought of as a collection machine into which glass, plastic and metal bottles are thrown. After users install an application to use EKOMAT and create an account for themselves, they can earn money points by throwing their wastes into EKOMAT and use these points in the chain markets we have agreements with. We do everything for nature and people.            

           We see sustainability and the need to value people as our policy. By declaring that we act in an accountable and transparent manner while implementing our policies, we invite everyone to this sustainability action to change the future today.

Dr. Abdullah GAYRET




2- TERRA/LUNA Disaster in Crypto Markets

            The LUNA crypto asset of the TERRA ecosystem, which is one of the most used and major cryptocurrencies, has lost up to 99.95% of its value. For this reason, first of all, it is necessary to understand how the TERRA ecosystem works. The TERRA ecosystem includes two coins, UST (stable coin) and LUNA (major coin). These two coins work in conjunction with each other. The relationship between them is that when there is a demand for 1 UST due to the algorithm of the ecosystem, 1 UST is created by the system and 1 LUNA coin is deleted from the system as much as the number of USTs created. Conversely, when one UST is sold, 1 LUNA coin is created by the system. Thus, the supply-demand balance is tried to be established. What happened on May 10 was the beginning of a collapse. Bulk UST sales (approximately 300 million UST) were made from a specific wallet on 10 May. While the value of UST, known as the stable coin of the TERRA ecosystem, should have remained constant at $1, 80,000 Bitcoin (BTC) held as a reserve in the TERRA ecosystem began to be sold in order to maintain the stable value of UST after the mass sales. The BTCs sold created a panic atmosphere in the market and at the same time, it was not enough to keep the UST value stable. The supply of LUNA coin after the sale, which was 300 million before the bulk UST sale, has nearly doubled to 600 million. Therefore, the value of 1 LUNA coin experienced a sudden drop from $ 60 to $ 25. Seeing this, LUNA investors panicked and sold their LUNA coins. When the value of the UST stable coin could not be fixed at $ 1, the trust in the TERRA ecosystem was shaken and the value of 1 LUNA coin, whose value was once up to $ 120, suddenly fell to $ 0.00001. 80,000 BTC sold to fix the UST value at $1 caused a great fear in the entire crypto market, and the value of the total crypto market, whose value was up to $ 3.2 trillion in November 2021, fell 35% (1 trillion dollar) due to this fear created by the TERRA ecosystem.




3- What is B2B? 

            B2B (from Business to Business) business model means "from business to business" is widely used business model in the industry. Businesses using this model sell to retailers, not consumers. This is where the term business to business comes from. The manufacturer does not sell the products it produces directly to the consumer. The end customer of the manufacturer is retailers. The business model in which the manufacturer sells its products directly to the consumer is called B2C (Business to Customer). The biggest advantage of the B2B business model is to make bulk purchases for the buyer, to take advantage of retail sales opportunities and to benefit from discounts arising from bulk purchases. For the seller side, the biggest advantage of B2B is to make stable profits by making bulk sales.




4- Nature and Environment Foundation (DOÇEV)

            DOÇEV-Nature and Environment Foundation, which was established in 1996 to carry out studies on the protection and improvement of natural balance and environmental values, and raising environmental awareness in society; carries out activities in the fields of afforestation, waste management and environmental education and develops implementation projects. This foundation, which supports institutions or individuals who are sensitive to the environment and nature with the slogan "Build your own forest", in establishing a memorial forest, has contributed to the establishment of 70 forests and 26 groves since its establishment. The fact that this foundation, which aims to establish a forest every year, establishes 70 forests in 2021 is an indication that it is well above its targets and is progressing successfully. Another of their projects is carried out with the slogan " give your paper and have a tree" and they collected 5564 tons of waste paper. They established the DOÇEV-Waste Paper Forest with the income obtained from the collected papers. This foundation, which has determined its vision as “to be a pioneer and universal non-governmental organization that preserves and develops the natural balance and environmental values ​​for generations”, takes firm steps forward in line with its visions and does useful works for our future and a sustainable environment.




5- "Bull and Bear" Terms Used in the Markets 

            Whether it's cryptocurrencies, stocks, real estate or any other asset, you'll often find markets defined in two ways: Bull and Bear. In bull markets, prices usually grow and increase in volume, while in bear markets, long-term decreases are observed. Bull markets are periods when investors make bulk and large purchases and have full confidence in the markets. Bull periods are the periods when the product (cryptocurrency, stock, bond, bond, etc.) in the market has more demand than its supply, and since there is more demand than supply during these periods, serious increases are observed in the unit price of the product. Unlike bull markets, bear markets are dominated by fear. Investors are afraid to enter the markets and because there is not as much demand as supply and demand is in a decreasing trend compared to supply, serious decreases are experienced in the unit price of the product.




6- FED's Tightening Policy and Its Effects on the Global Markets

            Due to the economic crisis due to the pandemic, governments followed monetary easing policies. The biggest problem brought by monetary easing was the inflation problem experienced after the pandemic. In order to solve this problem, Central Banks started to use the biggest instrument in their hands: Interest. For example, post-pandemic US inflation figures climbed to 9.1% on an annual basis in June 2022. In response to this, the FED, which increased interest rates, blocked the increase in inflation and announced the inflation as 8.3% in August. However, as this figure was above expectations, the FED gave signals to the markets that the tightening measures would continue. After these signals, the dollar index, which was around 95 at the beginning of the year, and the geometric average of the 6 important local currencies with the highest transaction volume in the world, against the dollar, hovered around 110 as of September.




7-  What is NATO and What are its Purposes?

            NATO, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, was established on April 4, 1949 in the United States. Its founding members include Belgium, the United Kingdom, France, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. Today it is one of the most important international organizations in the world. As a political and military alliance, this organization brings together 30 countries from Europe and North America. These countries come together to consult and cooperate on security and defense issues;

NATO's mission include;

• Protecting people

• Fighting new threats

• Developing partnerships

• To ensure peace and stability

It has undertaken 4 main missions.


Today, NATO, which hosts 30 member countries, including Turkey, will reach 32 members as a result of the participation of Sweden and Finland, which have been on the agenda recently.




8- EKOMATs in Turkey (Reverse Vending Machine)

                EKOMAT is a sustainability project funded by GCA and Parkcam and carried out by the Bircam Foundation. In the project started in June in Yalova, which was selected as the pilot province, 30 EKOMATs were placed in 15 different locations in Yalova. Thanks to EKOMAT, 100% recycling of glass, pet and metal beverage packages is provided. Citizens who download the EKOMAT mobile application to their mobile phones and go to the deposit return machines earn points worth of money from their recyclable wastes with the mobile application. In this way, recycled glass, metal and plastics both contribute to the circular economy and contribute to reducing the CO2 footprint. In addition, from the beginning of the project, a counter showing the packaging wastes recycled thanks to Ekomats and the ecological gains and energy savings obtained with these wastes has been prepared. You can view this counter from the link below.

Link: https://console.eko-mat.com/BannerGenerator




9-  Career Opportunities at GCA    

                As GCA, we strive to make this value more effective every day, with the awareness that human resources are our most important capital. To create a development environment and opportunity for our employees to continuously develop and realize their potential; Creating and maintaining a fair working environment for our employees is our main goal as Human Resources. In this context, we aim to contribute to the development of the competence, knowledge and skill levels of our employees and to their personal development through the trainings we provide. According to the needs; In addition to technical, social, cultural and psychological supported trainings, trainings that improve business and management skills and increase organizational effectiveness are also provided. As GCA, our training programs are specially designed for each of our employees in accordance with their career plans; During the year, many trainings, fairs and symposiums are attended at home and abroad.



10- GCA Digital Catalog  

                Our product range, which is updated every year by our design department, is published digitally on the GCA official site. Published digital documents are product catalogue, product leaflet and special design catalogue. Thanks to these materials, which are meticulously prepared by the design department, we provide detailed information to our customers, from which areas we work to, to the technical features and stories of our products. Thanks to our digital catalogues, we provide customers with the opportunity to navigate our site comfortably. Customers who examine our digital catalog can reach the product they want and have detailed information about the products. In addition, our digital catalog in HTML5 format can be viewed comfortably in all browsers without downloading anything. It looks the same on computers, tablets and mobile phones, while being highly functional. We would also like to emphasize that we benefit nature by reducing our CO2 footprint thanks to digital catalogues.




11- European Energy Crisis 

            Russia's interruption of natural gas supplies to Europe following the economic sanctions imposed due to the Russia-Ukraine war has unleashed an energy crisis of unprecedented scale across the continent. As a result, prices in the European natural gas markets increased more than 10 times compared to a year ago, reaching a historic peak. The increase in gas prices also pushed up electricity prices rapidly. Electricity prices increased 8 times compared to 1 year ago. After Russia cut off the supply, European countries started to take different measures. To give some examples:


·          Invoice support to citizens

·          Unlimited ticket application in public transportation

·          Public buildings will be heated at 19 degrees.


·         Fuel taxes have been reduced.

·         200 Euros were paid to the poor.


·         Public buildings will be heated at 19 degrees.




12- Customer Project Coordinator    

            One of the most important concepts when it comes to modern customer experience is customer loyalty. Establishing and managing sustainable customer relationships is more important than ever in the harsh competitive conditions of our age, and the development of customer-oriented working methodologies and innovative perspectives becomes a necessity for high-target businesses.

GCA embodies a culture that sees all existing customers as business and solution partners and focuses on increasing the value created for each customer. Customer Projects Coordinator is a service innovation born from this culture. The Customer Project Coordinators assigned to each business partner are the direct contact of our business partners and their representatives within the GCA.

            Customer project coordinator includes a team of engineers with high technical equipment in their field. Aiming to strengthen their ties with their business partners through routine visits, this team also has deep knowledge of filling process conditions and working principles with glass packaging. This team, which constantly analyzes customer needs and expectations, continues its existence in order to fulfill all the requirements of the definition of customer focus, and to improve service quality in each process where the product and product provide input.

            Customer Project Coordinator, which expresses the cultural structure of GCA, is an important building block of GCA with its agile and flexible service, information sharing, continuous improvement activities and accessibility.




13- Can Electric Vehicles Be Charged in 3 Minutes? 

            A company called Adden Energy has developed a solid battery suitable for electric cars that can be fully charged in minutes and lasts more than twice as long as current batteries.

            Harvard University startup Adden Energy has received $5.15 million in funding to further advance the technology with a view to commercializing it in the near future, after successfully running a prototype watch battery that can charge in three minutes and has more than 10,000 charge cycles over its lifetime.

            Adden Energy's CEO, Fitzhugh, said: "Making the world's vehicle fleet all-electric is one of the most meaningful steps we can take in tackling climate change."

            The rapid development of clean energy storage technology is critical in tackling the "plague" of climate change, according to the initiative.