Abdullah Gayret, General Manager of GCA, Addressed Secondary School Students on His Professional Experience

Abdullah Gayret, General Manager of GCA gave a seminar to the 5th, 6th and 7th year students in Doğa Schools during the event, "Science and Career Days".

Believing in the importance of education of next generations GCA participated in the "Science and Career Days" of Doğa Secondary School in Kütahya. The event intended to introduce and present different professions to the secondary school students and give assistance to them choosing their careers. During the event period, a Doğa Schools parent made an appearance at the school each week for four weeks and shared information and insights about being an academician, a medical doctor, a policeman, an engineer and a manager.

On May 2nd, 2018 Abdullah Gayret, General Manager of GCA presented himself to the school for "Science and Career Days" event and made a presentation titled "Defining our Future" through which he told about his professional experience and had fun discussions with 140 students present. Mr. Gayret shared his professional experience of initiating his professional carrier as an engineer and promoting to the position of General Manager in Gürok Group. He furthermore discussed and gave examples about who should choose to become engineers, how we choose our career, what values we should embrace in our professional life, what should be our perspectives in life, what we should do about our future, as well as emerging technologies and trends shaping our future.


Mr. Gayret stated that this type of events support children to find the right profession for their capabilities and interests and added, "We, as GCA, are pleased to be a part of such a valuable event. The management of Doğa Schools shared that they would continue to organize this kind of events in the following years. If they kindly keep their promise, we will be happy to be here one more time with a bigger team for our children." At the end of the seminar Mr. Gayret emphasized the importance of dreams and goals in business life and continued, "Have a good dream, a goal and pursue it relentlessly. Whichever career you choose, first prioritize being a good person. Have good and close friends and share your happiness and sorrow with them. Your family matters; do not hurt them. Teaching is a noble profession; your teachers are your source of information; they are your guides; always respect and love them. Your priorities in life should be in the following order: your family, yourself and your profession.”


Mr. Alper Ersoy, Principal of Doğa Schools commented that students should choose their careers based on their interest and capabilities rather than financial worries, and added: "Our goal for our Science and Career Days is to help our students learn more about different professions that have the highest interest and that will remain to be in high demand in the future and prepare themselves according to their career choices. Knowing yourself well is very important when selecting the right career for you. By organizing such events, we plan to introduce our students to the right people, to role models, using the right examples and right methods to help them understand themselves better."

Abdullah Gayret, General Manager of GCA, Addressed Secondary School Students on His Professional Experience