GCA Employees Were Trained on Agriculture and Food

GCA team including upper management, business development, sales and marketing and design teams team , white and blue-collar employees altogether were trained about agriculture and food processes in order to provide more efficient service and know how to our customers.

We are aware of the importance of necessity to develop the skills and know how of our employees and we are trying to support them with continuous training. Two days of agriculture and food training took place in our glass packaging manufacturing facilities in Kütahya. Prof. Dr. Fikret Pazır from Food Engineering Department of Ege University taught the '' Fruit and Vegetable Processing Technology '' training relating to the structure of fruits and vegetables, their composition and basing methods, problems and suggestions resulting from the processes, production of tomato products, basic principles of canning, pickling, jam, molasses, fruit juice, olive production technology. As a part of the training therefore, glass packaging in general and problems that can be encountered in thermal processes in glass packaging were discussed.

There were also pleasant moments during the productive training in which all the details related to the subject were processed, ranging from which vegetables and fruits were grown in which region regarding to climatic conditions, from the sowing time to the harvesting time, from the preservation processes to the production processes of the products, to the probable problems of filling the packages.

As GCA , we will continue our trainings in order to provide better quality service and recommendations to our customers.

GCA Employees Were Trained on Agriculture and Food