GCA Participated in a "Storytelling" Course

GCA employees, including management teams, participated in a "Storytelling" course. This two-day course which was completed in a month, included topics such as use of metaphors, effects of storytelling on human psychology, creativeness, and use of monologues and dialogues.

With it’s goal of having a high level of satisfaction among it’s employees and improving level of services to it’s customers, GCA participated in the "Storytelling" course provided by DİEM Academy. More than two dozen people, including GCA managers and employees from various departments, participated in the course which was designed to help people cope with stressful situations in both their private and work lives and find fast and effective solutions to challenges. The two-day course was held on the June 27th 2018 and July 13th 2018.


While technological developments in the business world bring along significant advantages, they also have negative impacts on people's concentration levels with the extensive use of smart phones, tablets, computers and other electronic communication tools. According to the content of the Storytelling course, in addition to use of informative words, one of the most basic methods to make listeners concentrate on the subject during an important business meeting or presentation is to address their feelings. And the most important way to become successful in this is to follow linguistic rules. Linguistic rules include linguistic intelligence, right brain, storytelling and storification.

One of the most effective methods to establish a good communication is to use metaphors in speech. Course instructors who frequently used the sentence "Using metaphors is like "doing magic" have explained:

"One of the most effective ways of expressing ourselves and convincing our listeners is to speak with metaphors. If you want to be understood, choose the shortest and most effective way: use metaphors, speak with metaphors and explain with metaphors. The magical power of metaphors is a great asset both in our daily lives and in the world of brands. We all should benefit from this asset. When we explain an opinion using a comparison, figure of speech or metaphor, we invite the listener into our world and make the listener feel what we feel and think what we think. The reason why we experience difficulty in understanding scientific or technical subjects and lose our concentration quickly is not the complexity of these subjects but rather the use of abstract language. The more abstract a language is, the harder it becomes to be understood. If we want the listener to understand what we try to explain, the language we use must speak to their senses and feelings. The magical power of metaphors is a great asset both in our daily lives and in the world of brands. We all should benefit from this asset."

GCA Participated in a