We Took Place in Glass International Magazine

The news of two applications we realised in May and June were published in Glass International, one of the world's largest glass industry magazines.

In May, in the news published, with the title 'GCA Implements Digital System for Shipments', details about our digital shipment system, which provides our business partners with planning flexibility, minimises product losses and enables shipment personnel to follow their timetables more efficiently, were shared with the readers.

In June, under the title of 'GCA Launches Recycling Projects in Turkey', the details of our project on the use of EKOMAT Deposit Return Machines, which we have been conducting since June 2022 with the financial support of GCA and Park Cam and the waste management organisation of Bircam Foundation, and our environmental gains within 1 year were mentioned. In addition, under the same heading, details about our Recycling Detectives Primary School Education Project that we have been carrying out, which we aim to inform primary school students about the importance of protecting the environment and recycling, and to raise awareness about packaging waste, were presented to the readers of the magazine.

As GCA, we are pleased to take part in Glass International, one of the leading publications of the industry.

We Took Place in Glass International Magazine