8 In 10 Consumers In Europe Prefer Glass Products

Glass packaging is the first choice of those who want to prevent food waste

According to the research conducted by the European Container Glass Federation (FEVE), 8 in 10 Europeans use glass products and 7 in 10 respondents believe that recycled glass as well protects the food. Method of recycling glass, which is seen as the best packaging material to prevent food waste and protect the future of the planet, is also well known by 82 percent of consumers. These statistics reveal that glass will be the most frequently used packaging material in the future.


Glass products that can be safely recycled across Europe are considered an integral part of a healthy lifestyle. An independent research survey commissioned by the European Container Glass Federation (FEVE) for the Friends of Glass consumer platform, with the participation of more than 4,000 consumers in 13 European countries, revealed that glass is a sustainable material for 8 in 10 people.


It is stated that while the rate of glass usage among the participants has increased by 8 percent in the last three years, there has been a decrease of 24 and 41 percent simultaneously in metal and plastic preferences. On the other hand, 8 in 10 respondents state that they recycle their glass packaging "always" or "often", while 82 percent say they know how to recycle.


“Glass is the best material to protect people and the planet”


Evaluating the research results, GCA General Manager Dr. Abdullah Gayret said, “The choice of materials that do not harm health and nature continues to be high on the agenda of shoppers. According to the results of the research of the European Container Glass Federation, 6 in 10 consumers consider reducing food waste, recycling and protecting physical and mental health as the three most important sustainability elements in their daily lives. More than a third of consumers surveyed say they prefer glass packaging because it better protects health and keeps products safe for longer. 7 in 10 Europeans believe recycled glass will continue to protect food and drink, which is why glass is seen by consumers as the best material to protect people and the planet. The shelf-stable qualities of glass allow people to preserve their favorite products for longer while reducing food waste at the same time.


Consumers want brands to indicate their identity

Dr. Gayret also said that 4 in 5 participants agree that companies have a moral obligation to use sustainable packaging and added: “Consumers want brands to clearly state their sustainability progress or credentials on their packaging. 65 percent of the participants in this research conducted by the European Container Glass Federation state that they find the quality of a product more reliable if it is in glass packaging. These findings demonstrate that consumers are increasingly adopting glass packaging as a healthy, widely recycled everyday packaging material. As a company that sees the environment as a valuable treasure and believes that it should be protected in the best possible way by considering the benefit of humanity and all living things, we are very pleased with this increased awareness of consumers and the acceptance of glass as a packaging material that will carry us to the future.”


Recycling is a necessity for industrial production and efficiency


Pointing out that there is not enough work on the recycling of glass packaging in Turkey, Dr. Gayret emphasized that recycling is of great importance in terms of industrial production and efficiency. Reminding that GCA adopts actions such as preventing environmental pollution, reducing waste at its source and recycling it as a principle, Dr. Gayret said “Taking this into account, we have implemented the EKOMAT Project within the scope of the cooperation of GCA, BIRCAM Foundation and Park Cam in order to ensure 100% recycling of glass, plastic and metal beverage packages with reverse vending (deposit) machines. The fact that the data to be obtained from this pilot project we started in Yalova, will shed light on the systems to be established in the future, is of great importance in terms of sustainability. This project, which we started to raise awareness, is essential not only in terms of sustainability, but also in terms of economy. As GCA, we do our part to prevent environmental pollution and contribute to recycling."

8 In 10 Consumers In Europe Prefer Glass Products