Digital Transformation Brings Innovation to the Glass Packaging Industry

GCA Revolutionizes with Digital Shipment Appointment System

Digital transformation brings innovation to the glass packaging industry

Focusing on digitalization in order to benefit from the power of technology, GCA, one of Turkey's leading glass packaging manufacturers has implemented the digital shipment appointment system, which is a global innovation. Dr. Abdullah Gayret, the General Manager of GCA, emphasized that the online system, which brings many advantages, allows business partners to control their shipment stages.

GCA, which has been setting itself apart in the glass packaging industry since 2015 with its value-added products, continues to offer new services and privileges to its business partners through its digitalization efforts. Not only in production stages but also in customer relationship management, GCA places emphasis on using digitalization steps and has implemented a shipment appointment software system that allows business partners to control the departure time of their orders. The new system enables GCA's business partners to gain planning flexibility and minimize product losses, while also allowing vehicle drivers who carry the glass packaging to use their time more efficiently.

“Our digital shipment appointment system is a global innovation”

Thanks to the digital system, which is an innovation in the glass packaging industry worldwide, customers can compare both supplier and shipment reports. Dr. Abdullah Gayret, the General Manager of GCA, said that they provide their business partners with a better shipment planning process possibility through the new system they launched via their websites and added "In today's competitive business world, it is necessary to continuously discover new technologies in order to increase efficiency and provide higher partner satisfaction for businesses. In this context, with the new digital shipment appointment system we have implemented, we aim to make the shipment process smarter, faster, and more efficient. Thanks to this system, which is a global innovation, our business partners will be able to reduce the number of problems they may encounter during the shipment process, and create appropriate delivery times by making appointments with the logistics provider."

“Digital solutions are an important tool to increase customer satisfaction”

Dr. Abdullah Gayret emphasized that they prioritize digital solutions not only in product manufacturing and technology development but also in the area of customer satisfaction and further stated that "As technology rapidly advances, our business partners' expectations are also changing. Customers now expect not only a quality product or service but also a good customer experience when making a purchase. At this point, digital solutions have become an important tool to increase customer satisfaction. At GCA, we are also utilizing digitalization to increase the value we bring to our business partners. Since our establishment, we have been managing our business using world-leading customer relationship management systems. The glass packaging industry is fortunate in terms of technology as it has an automation and machine-based manufacturing structure. Therefore, it is very suitable for digital transformation. The main production processes, raw material preparation, and glass melting processes are managed completely with automation systems."

“We produce digital solutions for 100 percent customer satisfaction”

Mentioning that product forming is a process step that is mechanically and electronically managed with high-level automation, Mr. Gayret said "After product forming, quality control, packaging, and palletizing processes come into play. These sections also have an automation and control system that works entirely with camera-based visual image-processing technology. Therefore, communication between these main processes, strengthening them with artificial intelligence technologies, and turning them into more autonomous production systems will be much easier compared to other industries. I believe that there will be a faster development in the glass packaging industry compared to other production industries. Just like technology-producing companies, our glass packaging sector is carrying out serious R&D projects in this field. We are making serious efforts for the transformation of our advanced automation-based technologies into smart technologies. This will also open up the future of the glass packaging industry. The sustainability of the industry will also be increased in this way. 2023 is an exceptional year for us, as we have placed digital transformation at the center of our business. We are developing smart production technologies by bringing together image-processing systems supported by artificial intelligence algorithms and advanced automation software in our own structure. In line with this, with our shipment appointment software system that we have implemented, we aim to increase the experience satisfaction of our business partners and reach our goal of 100% customer satisfaction."

“We embrace digitalization from end-to-end”

Abdullah Gayret, stating that they have realized a digital transformation in automating production processes using fully automatic machines in GCA, said: "As GCA, we continuously analyze the data we collect digitally in real-time in the production field in order to improve our processes and provide better service to our business partners. We embrace digital transformation from the first step of production to delivering our products to our business partners and integrate it into our processes with increasing momentum to add more value to our business partners."

Digital Transformation Brings Innovation to the Glass Packaging Industry