Increasing Awareness of Glass Recycling is Necessary for Economic Benefits

Glass packaging, which stands our as the material of the future, plays an important role in reducing carbon emissions due to its recyclability.  GCA General Manager Dr. Abdullah Gayret stated that increasing the utilization of glass recycling in Turkey would contribute to a sustainable economy and added "The fact that glass can be recycled infinitely means reducing raw material consumption. Developing awareness of recycling in our country will provide economic gains in terms of energy savings and creating new employment opportunities."

The importance of recycling for a sustainable environment and economy is increasing every day. Glass packaging, which is considered as the material of the future both in our country and around the world, can be infinitely recycled, providing access to a cleaner environment and significant energy savings.  GCA, which has been operating under the Gürok Group since 2015 and stands out in the glass packaging sector with its value-added products, contributes to the environment and economy by obtaining approximately 20% of its total production from recycled glass cullet.

"We can reduce raw material imports by recycling glass"

Dr. Abdullah Gayret, General Manager of GCA, stated that the use of glass packaging provides many advantages for the environment, nature, and economy, saying: "Glass, which is produced from natural resources and does not interact with the product it contains chemically, is a 100% recyclable material by nature. Unfortunately, the glass recycling rate in our country is very low. Deposit recovery systems and awareness-raising activities on recycling, which we often encounter in Europe, need to be developed more in Turkey. Increasing the glass recycling rate in our country will enable us to protect natural resources and reduce raw material imports. This will create significant energy savings and will also have a positive impact on employment by creating new job opportunities. Considering these advantages of glass, we see that it provides many economic benefits. Therefore, consumers see glass as the best material that protects people and the planet. What is important is to use our energy resources at an optimum level and consume less raw materials and energy. As GCA, we attach great importance to activities that will reduce raw material usage and energy consumption in our operations while protecting our natural resources."

"We are working to increase the sustainability reference of glass"

Dr. Abdullah Gayret emphasized that healthy, sustainable, and environmentally friendly material preference is one of the most discussed topics in the world today and said that "In addition to being suitable for recycling, packaging used to meet food and beverage demands should not contain chemicals, which is also of great importance for health. Glass packaging, which enables foods to be stored for a long time by increasing their shelf life without changing their taste, smell, and aroma, is made from 100% natural materials, allowing food to remain healthy. As GCA, while developing glass packaging, glass bottles, and jars production, considering food health, clean environment, and sustainable economy, we aim to increase the sustainability reference."

Increasing Awareness of Glass Recycling is Necessary for Economic Benefits