Future Made Clear Manifesto

We continue to strive for a healthier and happier world.

In these days when we are facing global warming, epidemic and economic turmoil, the future has never been so uncertain. Humanity; It demands more from businesses, governments and each other to leave a more sustainable world for future generations.

It is reassuring that glass packaging is a healthy option in terms of preserving food and beverages in such challenging times... The eternity of glass means that it is the best option for the future as well.

Glass is the packaging of choice to protect our planet.

Glass made entirely from raw materials found in nature; does not harm the environment. It is the only packaging that can be recycled endlessly and has an endless life. Thus, it reduces the amount of waste, prevents CO² emissions and protects the raw material. In addition, the glass packaging industry is working to make glass production much more sustainable and climate sensitive by designing the Furnace of the Future to reduce carbon emissions by up to 60%.

Glass is a reliable and proven choice for those seeking a healthy lifestyle.

As a packaging material suitable for daily use; It is natural, sustainable and safe. It is very important to have such an option at a time when healthy packaging becomes more critical for people… Due to its natural inertness and protective properties, glass; It acts as a safe barrier against external factors and ensures that products are protected for a longer period of time, even after opening. Thus, glass becomes a natural choice to protect not only the quality of the product, but also the health of the people who use it. The industry also collaborates with customers to include the Glass Hallmark, which symbolizes the commitment to health and quality in glass preference, into the packaging and service process.

Glass is a very important resource for a growing and transforming society.

Reusable and endlessly recyclable, glass packaging is a role model for circularity. It can be recycled repeatedly without loss of quality. A long-time leader in circularity, the industry brings together existing stakeholders for the ‘Close the glass loop’ movement and maintains its goal of 90% glass collection by 2030 to drive the recovery of the circular economy.

It is difficult to predict the future... We will build our future with sometimes big, sometimes small steps. But when it comes to glass packaging, the future is clear. Our future; glass is sustainable, healthy, reusable and infinitely recyclable... The use of glass packaging is our promise to do our part to make a better future and imagined future a reality.

Choose tomorrow from today.

Future Made Clear Manifesto