GCA at 2022 Eurasia Packaging Fair

GCA, one of the important players in the glass packaging industry,
at Istanbul Eurasia Packaging Fair on 12-15 October


                GCA, which was founded in 2015, carries on Gürok's knowledge and experience gained from glassware production for more than 25 years, with an innovative approach in the glass packaging industry.


                GCA, one of Gürok Group companies and one of the pioneers of the glass packaging industry, will host its domestic and international visitors by participating in the 27th Eurasia Packaging Fair, which will be held in Istanbul Tüyap between October 12-15 this year. GCA, being a participant of the fair since the year it was founded, which brings together all stakeholders of food and beverage industries and the packaging industry, will meet with its visitors at its booth 522 in the 5th hall.


                Since this year is 2022 International Year of Glass, the fair will be even more meaningful for the glass industry. GCA will aim to continue its long-term business partnerships and establish new connections by coming together with the industry with its award-winning designs, projects, innovations, glass bottle and jar products at the fair.


“We are truly glad to be at the Eurasia Packaging Fair again in 2022, International Year of Glass”


          GCA General Manager, Dr. Abdullah Gayret emphasizes that the Eurasia Packaging Fair is a predominant fair for the packaging industry. “GCA continues to make a name for itself every year with its exports to more than 40 countries, the design awards it receives, the projects and investments it makes. This year, we are taking part in the Eurasia Packaging Fair, the leading fair of the packaging industry held for the 27th time in the 2022 International Year of Glass. Through this important event, we intend to come together with the industry in the company of our products formed with quality and our expert teams to strengthen our strong dialogues and bonds futher more.”




GCA, whose foundations were laid in 2015, continues Gürok Group's experience and knowledge gained from glassware production for more than 25 years with an innovative approach in the glass packaging industry. GCA is rapidly progressing towards becoming one of the preferred players in the glass packaging industry in the international arena, by achieving significant successes not only in our country but also around the world. It exports to more than 40 countries, especially the Middle East, European and African countries. With its effective and sustainable studies in the field of R&D, GCA successfully carries out projects that will carry the glass packaging industry in our country forward. It takes it as a duty to add value to its customers and the country's economy, which it accepts as a "Business Partner", with its understanding of quality and safe production, always keeping respect for the environment and people at the forefront.


GCA, which was deemed worthy of national and global design awards for its different works, plays a global role in the European Glass Packaging Manufacturers Federation (FEVE), which works for the development of the global glass packaging industry and of which it is a member. It works in accordance with ISO 9001 Quality Management System and BRC/IoP Product Safety Management Systems in all its processes from design to sales and marketing activities. As one of the important players in the glass packaging industry, GCA also supports the works carried out on an international scale by producing various projects by approaching recycling with great sensitivity in line with the principles of environmentally friendly production. GCA is a member of ASD and Suder and is on the Board of Directors of ÇEVKO.


GCA facilities, located in Kütahya 1st OSB, use the latest technology and full automation systems at every stage from the production process to quality control and packaging processes. Always foreseeing and investing in the future, GCA has designed its infrastructure to be able to produce with multiple glass furnaces. In this direction, it nearly doubled its production capacity with its new factory, the second of which was commissioned in 2021. With its new furnace investments, it is on its way to become Turkey's second largest glass packaging manufacturer in 2023.


GCA at 2022 Eurasia Packaging Fair