GCA Aims to Enter New Markets in 2024

Forging ahead to become a pioneer in the glass packaging industry 

GCA, one of the pioneers of the glass packaging industry in Türkiye, is rapidly moving towards becoming one of the most preferred players in the glass packaging industry both in Türkiye and globally with its significant achievements worldwide. GCA, which has been focusing on digital transformation since recent years, exporting to more than 40 countries with its innovative products, aims to increase this number to 50 in 2024 with its new projects and to reach new markets.

GCA, which has been bringing together its innovative product range in the glass packaging industry with its customers, whom it sees as business partners, since 2015 with its future-shaping technologies, continues to carry out works that make a difference in the sector with value-added works it undertakes in the industry. While achieving many successes with its innovative products and environmentally friendly projects in 2023, GCA renewed its corporate identity and aims to continue its growth and become an employer brand with its design and technology-oriented products, sustainability projects, new employee experience brand, participation in international fairs and events next year.  

“We took an active role in digital transformation and sustainability projects” 

Evaluating GCA performance in 2023, GCA General Manager Dr. Abdullah Gayret said, "For GCA2023 was a very special year in which we put digital transformation at the center of our business. Because of the rapid advancement of technology, customers' expectations are also changing. Now customers expect not only a quality product or service, but also a good customer experience when purchasing products or services. At this point, digital solutions have become an important tool to increase customer satisfaction. GCA uses digitalization to increase the value it adds to its business partners.  In this context, we have been using advanced customer tools with the importance we attach to the experience of our business partners since the year we were first established. We conduct tests that measure customer satisfaction with NPS measurements and develop our products and services in this direction. Not content with this, we have recently created our shipping appointment system to provide better experiences for our business partners. In addition, we develop and implement smart production technologies in which we combine image processing systems and high-level automation software supported by artificial intelligence algorithms. Along with digital transformation, we continue to work on sustainability.  With our EKOMAT Project, we won the Jury's Special Award at the Luxe Pack Monaco Fair 2023. We are currently focused on technology and material development in glass packaging and are working on R&D projects both within our organization and with various universities."   

“We will raise our growth above the industry averages” 

Stating that they have accelerated their work in line with the vision of selling the glass packaging they produce in Türkiye to the world, Gayret said, "In 2023, we exported to domestic and foreign markets, especially in premium spirits glass bottle categories. Currently, about 30 percent of our business is covered by exports. In the last year, we have added Central America, South America and Mexico to our export countries. Next year, we plan to increase our premium spirits glass bottle projects, especially in global markets, and therefore the share of premium glass bottle products in our total production. In addition, we aim to increase the number of countries we export to above 50 and to expand our growth above the sector average. With our renewed brand identity, we will continue to push the boundaries of glass packaging and shape it with innovation, further strengthening our leading position in the sector.” 

GCA Aims to Enter New Markets in 2024