GCA Continues to Bring GCA’s Vision of Glass Packaging to Leading Industry Associations

Current Developments on Glass and Sustainability Will Be Shared

Acting with an innovative approach in the glass packaging sector with the knowledge and experience that Gürok Group has gained from table glass production for more than 30 years, GCA continues to play a leading role in sustainability and environmental responsibility. Within the framework of this vision, GCA, which will take part in various events to be held in December to emphasize the importance of glass as a sustainable packaging material will share current developments on glass and sustainability.


GCA, which has been bringing together GCA’s innovative product range in the glass packaging sector since 2015 with GCA’s customers whom GCA sees as business partners with GCA’s future-shaping technologies, will address many issues such as innovations in the glass industry, sustainability and climate change in the events to be attended in December. In this context, GCA, which will take part in the ASD Packaging Congress to be held on 7-8 December with GCA’s presentation titled "Glass, the Packaging Material of the Future: Circularity, Sustainability and Digitalization" will explain the place and importance of glass in the packaging sector. As a ASD Board Member, GCA General Manager Dr. Abdullah Gayret will take over the moderatorship of the panel in the congress. The DPU Career Days Interview hosted by Dumlupınar University on 14 December and Mr. Gayret, who will participate in ÇEVKO İDS Climate Change and Sustainability Meetings on 18 December will give a wide range of information from career opportunities in the glass industry to current developments in climate change and sustainability.


“We care about taking an active role in such platforms”


GCA General Manager Dr. Abdullah Gayret, emphasizing that they pay attention to take an active role in both ÇEVKO and ASD as a Board Member said, "The events we will attend in December are very valuable for both GCA and the entire glass packaging industry. On these platforms, we will have the opportunity to share the place of glass in the concepts of sustainability and circularity and why it is so critical as the packaging material of the future. In addition to sharing our knowledge and experience in the sector with a wide audience, the events, where we will also talk about innovations for the sector, are also of great importance in terms of following sectoral developments and innovations. Within GCA, we always attach importance to taking an active role in such prestigious events to emphasize that glass is not only a packaging material, but also the key to a sustainable future and to spread this awareness.”

GCA Continues to Bring GCA’s Vision of Glass Packaging to Leading Industry Associations