GCA Draws Great Attention At Istanbul Eurasia Packaging Fair

GCA, operating under the Gürok Group since 2015 and one of the pioneers of Turkey's glass packaging industry, participated in the 27th Eurasia Packaging Fair held in Istanbul Tüyap on 12-15 October this year.


Carrying on the Gürok Group's more than 25 years of experience and knowledge in glass tableware production with an innovative approach in the glass packaging industry, GCA hosted its domestic and international visitors at the Eurasia Packaging Fair, which brings together all the stakeholders of the food and beverage sectors and the packaging industry.

At the fair, which was held for the 27th time this year, with a total of 72,000 visitors, 13,000 of which were from abroad, the GCA stand attracted great interest. Since 2022 was declared the International Year of Glass by the United Nations General Assembly, the glass industry came to the forefront at the fair more than ever. The fair also created a platform where GCA established long-term business partnerships, strengthened existing business relations and stepped into new business partnerships to strengthen its presence abroad. 

“We met with our industry at the fair in 2022 International Year of Glass”

Emphasizing that the Eurasia Packaging Fair brought together the important representatives of the industry, GCA General Manager Dr. Abdullah Gayret said “With our exports to more than 40 countries, our design awards, our projects and investments, GCA continues to stand out as a leading player in the industry. Eurasia Packaging Fair, the leading fair of the packaging industry, held for the 27th time this year due to the announcement of 2022 as the International Year of Glass, has a special place for our industry. We proudly represented our industry at the fair. We are pleased with the interest shown by our visitors at the fair, which we attended with the aim of strengthening our long-term business partnerships and establishing new partnerships.

GCA Draws Great Attention At Istanbul Eurasia Packaging Fair