GCA Initiates New Employer Branding Project

It is reimagining the employee experience, by stating "Proceed for the Future"

GCA continues to improve the working environment for its employees by using its knowledge and experience from over 30 years of producing glass tableware under Gürok Group to act with innovation in the glass packaging industry. In this context, GCA set out with the slogan "Proceed for the Future" with its new brand GCA Career Forward and aims to create a new employer brand in 2024, where existing employees will be brand ambassadors, and which will attract the attention of potential employees and interns.

Since 2015, GCA has been working to bring together its cutting-edge product line in the glass packaging industry with its clients, whom it considers to be its business partners, as well as technologies that are shaping the future. The company is making rapid progress toward becoming an employer brand. In this context, the GCA Career Forward brand intends to interact more with potential employees and interns by adhering to the principles of reliability, development, and modernity; GCA intends to reach out to more young talents by collaborating with universities, youth clubs, HR Associations, and local national clubs.

"We will help our employees take significant steps in their careers"

 Dr. Abdullah Gayret, the General Manager of GCA, stated that the organization places a significant amount of importance on its development in this area to become an employer brand. He stated, "At GCA, we believe that success can only be achieved by bringing together individuals who are passionate, talented, and constantly changing. We endeavor to improve the working environment for our employees in accordance with this conviction. We have developed a solid plan and established a clear roadmap. We were assisted in developing an effective and successful roadmap by our experienced professionals as well as the perspectives of the younger generations, which energized our team even more. In accordance with this roadmap, we will assist our employees in taking important steps in their careers by revealing their true potential through the strong bonds and mentoring opportunities we have established within Gürok Group companies. In addition, we want to lead by example for our external stakeholders by giving bright, driven professionals the chance to grow professionally. We'll keep adding new viewpoints, ideas, contributions, and recommendations to our process."

"We attach utmost importance to education in our corporate culture"

Gayret provided details about their organizational structure, saying, "At GCA, we have an efficient and simple organizational structure that works well. At all levels, our employees communicate and interact frequently. Everybody, from our directors to our specialists, is friendly and willing to communicate with one another."  GCA General Manager Dr. Abdullah Gayret stated that employee development in glass sector is crucial because of technological advancements and digitization in the glass packaging production process. He concluded by saying, "We follow up this development with annual plans. In response to the underrepresentation of women in the glass manufacturing sector, we are also leading the way in the employment of women in hot production areas. This approach is a pioneering step in the industry. Ensuring the growth and progress of our personnel is a fundamental concern of ours. We consistently bring in fresh talent to our team, as evidenced by the over thirty percent representation in our female leadership roles. We attach utmost importance to education in our corporate culture. Our training programs are designed to enhance the competencies, knowledge, and skills of our employees. Furthermore, within Gürok Group, Gürok Academy provides a variety of development and training opportunities that are specifically tailored to advance the careers of our employees."


GCA Initiates New Employer Branding Project