GCA Introduces New Employer Brand, GCA Career Forward

Employs "Proceed for the Future" slogan to reach a greater number of young talents

GCA, a leader in the glass packaging sector in Türkiye, persistently enhances its human resources procedure to establish a strong employer brand. In this context, GCA launched GCA Career Forward brand with the slogan "Proceed for the Future" aiming interacting more with current and potential employees and reaching out to more young talents by adhering to the principles of reliability, development, and modernity.

GCA, which combines its innovative glass packaging products with its customers, whom it views as business partners, and its future-changing technologies since 2015, has launched the GCA Career Forward brand to improve working conditions for current and prospective employees. GCA plans to create an environment in which current employees will serve as brand ambassadors and create an employer brand that will attract the attention of potential employees. This will be accomplished by shaping the GCA Career Forward brand with the suggestions of experienced professionals who are a part of the GCA team as well as young generations who offer different points of view.

"We help our employees take significant steps in their careers"

Emphasizing the company's priority on employee experience, Dr. Abdullah Gayret, General Manager of GCA, stated, “At GCA, we believe that success can only be achieved by bringing together passionate, talented, andresilient individuals that are open to change. This viewpoint, along with our ongoing business growth objectives, are significant factors in our hiring procedures. Attracting talent who will support our company's vision and mission, assists our organization in meeting its strategic objectives. Furthermore, evaluating professionals with fresh perspectives and diverse experiences during our recruitment processes assists us in identifying potential leaders who will bring innovative thinking and positive contributions to our organization. We can further obtain a competitive edge by offering our current and future employees a variety of viewpoints, streamlining business procedures, and promoting innovation. The generational synergies that exist within our organization facilitate its successful transition into the future. Considering this, we are excited to introduce GCA Career Forward as our new employer brand. The opinions of our more seasoned professionals as well as the younger generations, who contribute to the even greater vitality of our team, were taken into consideration when developing a roadmap. In accordance with this roadmap, we assist our employees in taking significant steps in their careers by illuminating their true potential through the strong bonds and mentoring opportunities that we have established with the companies that are part of Gürok Group. We also want to lead by example for our external stakeholders and provide our bright, driven professionals the chance to grow in their careers."

“Our primary objective is to provide our employees with an environment and opportunities for ongoing development”

"We strive to make this value more effective every day with the awareness that human resources are the most prominent capital," Gayret stated, continuing, "Our main goal is to create a development environment and opportunities for our employees to continuously improve and realize their potential, and to create and maintain a fair working environment for our employees. Furthermore, training is highly valued in our corporate culture. It endeavors to enhance employees' levels of competence, knowledge, and skills while also fostering their personal growth. In addition to technical, social, and psychological trainings, as required, organizational effectiveness-enhancing and management and business skill-building trainings are also provided. I can therefore assert that cooperation and a robust sense of teamwork predominate within our organization. Our organization provides its employees with career prospects, training initiatives, and transparent communication policies, all of which serve to foster their growth and enhance their overall satisfaction. To help our employees balance their work and personal lives, we also make sure to offer flexible schedules and a supportive work environment.”

GCA Introduces New Employer Brand, GCA Career Forward