Recycling Event from GCA on World Environment Day

GCA, one of the leading players in the glass packaging industry, set up a stand in the event area of ​​Kütahya Municipality in order to raise environmental awareness in the "World Environment Day Event" organized together with the Kütahya Governorship, the Provincial Directorate of Environmental Urbanization and Climate Change and Kütahya Municipality.
Emphasizing that glass packaging is 100% recyclable products, GCA presented glass glasses to those who brought glass packaging waste to the stand.

Kütahya Governor Ali Çelik, Kütahya Municipality Minister Prof. Dr. Alim Işık, Environmental Urban Planning and Climate Change Manager İbrahim Çatladan also attended the event.

GCA, which was founded in 2015, continues Gürok Group's knowledge and experience gained from table glass production for more than 25 years with an innovative approach in the glass packaging industry. GCA has been working for a sustainable future since the first day it was founded and continues to work to increase the awareness of recycling.

GCA Managing Director, Dr. Abdullah Gayret ‘Glass packaging, which consists entirely of raw materials found in nature, can be reused and can be recycled endlessly without loss of quality, is the right option for the future. In order to leave a more sustainable world to future generations, we must create the awareness of recycling as humanity. As GCA, we aim for sustainable production and support recycling. In this context, we made this meaningful day even more meaningful by opening our booth on June 5, World Environment Day, requesting the people of Kütahya to bring their glass waste with them to recycle, and giving a gift of glass cups in return.'

Recycling Event from GCA on World Environment Day