Glass Packaging Manufacturer GCA Joins the Board of the ÇEVKO Foundation

GCA, which operates within the body of the Gürok Group with an understanding of environmentally friendly and sustainable production, joined the Board of Directors of the ÇEVKO Foundation, which celebrates its 30th anniversary.

The Board of Directors and members of the ÇEVKO (Environmental Protection and Packaging Waste Evaluation) Foundation, which brings together the identities of an expert industrial initiative and an active non-governmental organization, with the aim of developing the sustainable recycling system it pioneers, brings together sustainability-oriented brands from different industries.

GCA, operating within the body of Gürok Group, which has brought its expertise in glass production to consumers and business partners for 25 years in Turkey, is an organization that always prioritizes sustainability, respect for the environment and people in all production stages within the framework of quality and safety standards. Expressing that the company is adding a new achievement to its successes day by day with its environmentally friendly and sustainable production approach, GCA General Manager Dr. Abdullah Gayret said, “GCA combines its passion for being a pioneer in the sector with its innovative thinking, innovative design and sustainable quality approaches that manage all its production processes within the framework of global quality and safety standards, with its respect for the environment and people. We are proud that our brand, which has made a name for itself with its success in the global competition arena, will be represented in the Board of Directors of the ÇEVKO Foundation. On behalf of the GCA family, I would like to underline once again the importance we attach to sustainable growth, production by adding value to life, and employee and customer satisfaction.”

Stating that the ÇEVKO Foundation, which was established in 1991 with the aim of contributing to the protection of the environment, social development and economy with the recycling of packaging waste, has been continuing its activities for 30 years with an increasing momentum, Mete İmer, Secretary General of ÇEVKO Foundation, said, “GCA, which attaches importance to sustainability, We are delighted that GCA has joined the Board of Directors. As ÇEVKO Foundation, we have been focusing especially on combating the climate crisis and the transition to a circular economy in recent years. One of the most important processes of the circular economy is upconversion. We believe that GCA's experience and recycling of glass packaging waste will contribute greatly to the initiatives we have developed in the fight against sustainability and the climate crisis.”

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About ÇEVKO Foundation:

ÇEVKO, Environmental Protection and Packaging Waste Recycling Foundation, was established on November 1, 1991 in order to contribute to the establishment of a sustainable recycling system with the contribution and participation of industry, local government and consumers for the economic and regular recycling of packaging waste in Turkey. ÇEVKO, which is the first establishment and pioneer of its field, focuses on efforts to increase social awareness and awareness on separation at source, recycling and recovery, as well as helping sectors fulfill their recycling obligations. ÇEVKO Foundation, which acquired the right to use the international "Green Point (Yeşil Nokta)" brand in Turkey in 2003, is also a member of producer responsibility organizations in its field in Europe.

About GCA:

GCA, which was founded in 2015, continues Gürok Holding's 25 years of experience in table glass production with an innovative approach in the glass packaging industry. GCA is rapidly advancing towards becoming one of the primarily preferred players in the glass packaging industry in the international arena, by achieving significant successes not only in our country but also around the world. It exports to more than 40 countries, especially the Middle East, European and African countries.

GCA successfully carries out projects that will carry the glass packaging industry in our country forward with its effective and sustainable studies in the field of R&D. Apart from producing quality and safe production, GCA considers that it’s their duty to always keep respect to the environment and people at the forefront, and to add value to its customers and the country's economy by accepting its customers as "Business Partners".

GCA, which was deemed worthy of national and global design awards by making a difference in the sector, assumes a global role in the sector with its membership and contributions to the European Glass Packaging Manufacturers Federation (FEVE), which works for the development of the glass packaging industry globally. GCA, which works in accordance with ISO 9001 Quality Management System and BRC / IoP Product Safety Management Systems in all its processes from design to sales and marketing activities; It is one of the important players in the glass packaging industry in our country, which cares about environmentally friendly production, approaches the issue of recycling with great sensitivity, produces various projects in order to protect nature and supports international projects. GCA is also a member of ASD, ÇEVKO and Suder.

At the GCA production facilities located in Kütahya 1st OSB, every stage from production processes to quality control and packaging processes is carried out with the latest technology and full automation systems. Always foreseeing and investing in the future, GCA has designed the infrastructure of its production facility in such a way that it can produce with more than one glass production furnace. Accordingly, with the second furnace investment, which started operating in 2021, GCA nearly doubled its capacity.

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Glass Packaging Manufacturer GCA Joins the Board of the ÇEVKO Foundation