Green Dot Industry Awards Draws Attention To a Sustainable World

GCA recycles 13 percent of its production capacity

The 6th Green Dot Industry Awards (Yeşil Nokta Sanayi Ödülleri), organized by the ÇEVKO Foundation in order to increase sustainable environmental studies, were granted to the winners. GCA General Manager Dr. Abdullah Gayret drew attention to the rapid depletion of natural resources in his speech at the event, which was sponsored by GCA, which operates in the field of glass packaging.

The Green Dot Industry Awards, organized by ÇEVKO (Environmental Protection and Packaging Waste Recovery Foundation), open to the participation of national and global industrial organizations that stand out with their contributions to sustainable life and use the “Green Dot in Turkey” symbol, were granted the winners on 1 November 2022. The award ceremony, which was held for the 6th time this year in order to support sustainable recycling efforts related to the environment, was held under the gold sponsorship of GCA, which operates with an innovative approach in the glass packaging industry.

“We realize 13 percent of our production with cullet”

GCA General Manager Dr. Abdullah Gayret, who took part as a speaker at the conference titled “The Latest Situation in Turkey in Transition to the Circular Economy and Extended Producer Responsibility”, highlighted the need to expand renewable energy and zero waste practices. Noting that natural resources are not unlimited, Dr. Abdullah Gayret said “As GCA, we act with the awareness of the threat that awaits our environment and our world, and we realize 13 percent of our annual production capacity of 800 tons with glass cullet that we buy from outside. As a producer of the glass packaging industry, fulfilling our extended producer responsibility is one of our indispensable policies.”

“We take an active role in all works that benefit transformation”

Gayret stated that they will continue to support every step taken for all producers to act more sensitive to nature, and added We take an active role in all non-governmental organizations that will benefit recycling in both the food and beverage sectors and the packaging sector, and we give our best support. We strive to help establish a sustainable recycling system with the contribution and participation of industry, local government and consumers for the economic and regular recycling of packaging waste. In this context, we are producing glass, a material that can be recycled 100 percent and infinitely, in accordance with global standards, while developing projects that will reduce our footprint in production.”

Emphasizing that it is very important to prefer recyclable products in the packaging industry, Dr. Gayret said: The ÇEVKO Foundation, which has been leading the way for a sustainable recycling system for 31 years and helping the industry to fulfill its obligations, continues to create important values. We, as GCA, are proud of contributing to the achievements attained within the scope of these social responsibility activities carried out by ÇEVKO Foundation.”

Green Dot Industry Awards Draws Attention To a Sustainable World