Health and Safety-Conscious Consumers’ First Choice is Glass Packaging

77% of consumers prefer glass for health reasons

According to the Glass Packaging Usage Study conducted by GCA, a leading player in Turkey's glass packaging industry and a subsidiary of Gürok Group since 2015, the perception of "health and safety" plays a decisive role in glass packaging usage. According to the results, 77% of bottled water and mineral water consumers prefer glass because it is considered healthy, 49% because it does not affect the taste and odor of food items, 48% because it is reliable, and 32% because it offers a longer shelf life.

Glass consistently stands out as a healthy material among consumers in terms of packaging materials. GCA's Glass Packaging Usage Study dated May 2023 supports this approach. The research results show that the primary motivation for using glass packaging is the perception of health and safety. Users prefer glass packaging mainly because it does not leak any odor or taste to the contents and extends the shelf life. These statistics bring to light that glass will most likely be the most frequently used packaging material in the future.

"Glass is perceived as the best packaging material by consumers"

Dr. Abdullah Gayret, General Manager of GCA, commented on the research results, stating, "As GCA, we consider our customers as our business partners by focusing on innovative customer relationship approaches and management. We strive to analyze their needs as if they were our own business and solve them. By centering customer experience, we listen to our customers' voices through modern methods, rather than traditional measurement techniques, and incorporate their feedback into our business model. Based on the results of our latest research with this vision, glass is perceived by consumers as the best material that protects people and the planet. For bottled water and mineral water consumers, the most important advantages of glass packaging they choose glass for are: 77% for being healthy, 49% for not affecting the taste and odor of food items, 48% for being reliable, and 32% for offering a longer shelf life.  The shelf-stable qualities of glass allow people to preserve their favorite products for longer, reducing food waste as well.”

"We conduct all processes through automation"

Abdullah Gayret emphasized that they prioritize product safety and hygiene, which are the most significant expectations of consumers, and continue to invest in a fully automated system in GCA facilities and continued his speech as follows: "We carry out all processes from the formation of glass gobs to the storage process without any manual intervention, through automation. With the special monitoring systems and sensors we utilize at every process point, we have the capabilities for data and statistical analysis to maximize both the efficiency of the production process and the quality. Since the establishment of our factory, we have been using the most advanced ERP system. Our IT and warehouse teams make improvements to the software every year. This enables us to accelerate the processes and ensure integration by closely following the digital age."

Health and Safety-Conscious Consumers’ First Choice is Glass Packaging