GCA and LAV support the proclamation of the "2022 UN International Glass Year”.

LAV and GCA support the proclamation of the "2022 UN International Glass Year”.

LAV, the fifth-largest glassware producer globally, and GCA, an influential player in the glass packaging industry, jointly endorse the recognition of the year 2022 as the "International Year of Glass." The aim of the year will be to emphasize the sustainability, financial, technological, and scientific aspects and values of glass. In this context, academia, several countries, and industries are collectively working with the International Glass Commission (ICG) in the presence of the United Nations for 2022 to be declared as the "International Year of Glass." With LAV's over 25 years of experience in glassware and GCA's nearly 10 years of background in glass packaging, Gürok Group is taking steps to add value to the global economy, the glass industry, and partners by targeting excellent quality in products and services. Accordingly, Gürok Group continues its efforts to raise support for the "UN International Glass Year" directed to a large audience: from stakeholders and employees to public institutions and organizations, from business representatives and universities, from media to customers and general public. Therefore, to support the proclamation of the "2022 UN International Glass Year," Gürok Group continues to work with all its partners and associates ranging from its employees to state institutions and organizations, from business representatives to universities, customers, media, and public.

Before the decision to be announced on April 28, 2021, regarding the fact that 2022 will be the "International Year of Glass," those who are interested in the topic can provide support through the website www.iyog2022.org.

In his statement, LAV GM Tuğrul Baran said: "Critical points such as resource efficiency, waste reduction, and effective environmental management in line with the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN are among the issues that we, as LAV, focus and work on. Glass, which is among the indispensable parts of our daily life, helps reduce waste and increases resource efficiency thanks to its versatility, healthy and recyclable properties. Since glass is amongst the most crucial materials for a sustainable future, we continue to assist the International Glass Commission's (ICG) efforts -the most influential organization of the glass world- to make 2022 the "International Year of Glass." The application made by the ICG to the UN mentions the importance and active role of glass in many of the Sustainable Development Goals. Glass has immense potential for a sustainable future: With its diverse uses in various areas, it makes significant differences in many SDGs such as Good Health and Well-being; Quality Education; Gender Equality; Clean Water and Sanitation; Affordable and Clean Energy; Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure; Sustainable Cities and Communities; Responsible Consumption and Production, Climate Action and Life Below Water.

We always consider the glass's harmless characteristics to nature and social benefits. As one of the largest glassware manufacturers globally, we strive to add joy to every moment of life with glass, so our efforts to make 2022 the "International Glass Year" proceed."

In the same statement, GCA General Manager Dr. Abdullah Gayret also said, "Human history is full of turning points ignited by the glass. The adventure that started with the production of glass beads 3,500 years ago has opened our eyes to the wonders of the cosmos with Galileo's telescope. Microscopes allowed us to examine cells and understand diseases, and light bulbs help us continue working through the night. The positive influence of glass on our world continues to grow. Now we see the world through glass. Glass has been integrated into many areas such as our phone screens, solar panels, glass-reinforced wind turbines. The use of glass in energy, architecture, biomedicine, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, information & communication, electronics, aviation, optics, automotive, decoration, food, beverage, and many more fields contributes to the United Nations' SDGs. Throughout its several millennia-long history, glass has countless times proven to be one of the most valuable materials for progress. Biodegradable glasses for treatment purposes in medicine; Innovative and highly efficient photovoltaic panels in the field of renewable energy; Glasses that provide UV protection or have antimicrobial and antiviral properties with different coatings and compositions... We can predict that glass will remain a high-priority material in the long view with these new age glasses. And with its lasting effect on modern society, we're setting forth our support for 2022 to be the "International Year of Glass".