1 Year Study Results of EKOMAT Project Announced to the Public

In one year with the EKOMAT Project, 1.6 million units of packaging waste were collected, providing TRY 1.3 million of support to the national economy.

The results of the first year of the “EKOMAT” Project, which was implemented for the first time in Türkiye with the cooperation of the BİRCAM Foundation, GCA and Park Cam, were announced to the public in Yalova. In the briefing made in Yalova Ecofest, it was stated that with the regular increase in the number of users and the amount of collected packaging waste, a circular economy model was created and significant gains were achieved in terms of environmental benefits.

On Monday, June 5, 2023, during a press conference held within the Yalova Ekofest Environmental Festival (Ecofest) with the participation of Yalova Mayor Mustafa Tutuk, Yalova Governor Muammer Erol, Yalova University Rector Prof. Dr. Mehmet Bahçekapılı, Bircam Foundation President Ömer Kızıl, GCA General Manager Dr. Abdullah Gayret, and Park Cam Deputy General Manager Ergin Öz, the one-year resultsof the EKOMAT Project were announced.

"Recycling holds great importance both environmentally and economically."

Stating that they are contented with the results of the EKOMAT project, of which they are a business partner, GCA General Manager Dr. Abdullah Gayret said, “GCA is a glass packaging manufacturer that follows technological developments to prevent environmental pollution, aiming to recycle waste as much as possible, disposing of non-recyclable waste without harming the environment. It is valuable to underline that our EKOMAT Project is of great importance not only in terms of sustainability, but also in terms of economy. Therefore, we have implemented this project that aims to protect the environment in every aspect, raise public awareness about sustainability, and encourage the integration of recycling as a part of daily life. As part of our project, we placed 34 EKOMAT deposit machines at 15 different locations in Yalova to achieve 100% recycling of glass, plastic, and metal beverage packaging. The project enables citizens to earn points worth money through a mobile application by recycling glass, metal, and plastic, contributing to the economy while also supporting the reduction of the carbon footprint. With our EKOMAT Project aimed at raising consumer awareness to recycle packaging materials, we have created an exemplary model. With the ability to instantly monitor data thanks to its local software, our project can be considered as "the digital transformation of recycling". Our goal is to introduce the culture of packaging recycling to our country through this two-year project."

“With the EKOMAT Project, we increase the amount of cullet we use in factories”

Speaking at the meeting, Park Cam Deputy General Manager Ergin Öz said, “Cullet is the one of the main sources of glass packaging factories. The more cullet fed into glass furnaces, the less natural resources are used, the longer the furnace life, the lower the energy cost and the lower the carbon footprint, the more responsibilities towards the environment are fulfilled. While glass packaging manufacturers in Europe use cullet at a rate of 60%-70%, cullet usage rate in our country cannot reach even 10%. With the EKOMAT Project, cullet coming to our factories reaches a quality level equal to that of European manufacturers. It is significant development for the future.”

“We contributed TRY 1.3 Million to the National Economy.”

Later, Bircam Foundation President Ömer Kızıl shared the achievements of the project in terms of sustainability with the participants.

It was mentioned that the number of members in the Ekomat project has reached nearly 11,000 people, and a total of 1.6 million beverage packages have been separated at the source and collected through EKOMATs. Kızıl stated, "During the emptying of EKOMATs, electric collection vehicles were mostly preferred, resulting in fewer polluting gases released into the environment. By sending the recovered products to the municipality's regular storage facility, waste equivalent to 45 garbage trucks was saved in terms of space. This has led to economic savings and extended the lifespan of the regular storage area."

“TRY 256,000 support was granted to the family budget.”

The participating consumers in this profitable recycling project were provided with grocery and online shopping vouchers, thus providing approximately TRY 256,000 of support to their household budgets.

In the last 1 year, our project has made significant gains for our environment and our country. Along with the recycling operations, approximately TRY 1,3 Million was contributed to the national economy by;

-          Reducing natural resource consumption by 128 tons,

-          Achieving oil savings equivalent to 1 day fuel consumption of 16,675 vehicles,

-          Decreasing greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to 180 trees cleaning air for 1 year,

-          Saving electrical energy equivalent to 1 month's energy consumption of 720 households,

-          Lowering the amount of waste by 45 garbage trucks

"In the project where glass waste is transformed back into glass bottles, plastic waste will be used in the production of textile products, and metal waste will be utilized in the manufacturing of personal care items such as toothpaste tubes."

"As part of the project, the collected glass cullet have been transformed into new glass beverage bottles, plastic waste into textile products, and metal waste into personal care items like toothpaste tubes, creating a circular economy model.  In the future, we aim to further increase the social impact of our project by continuing our social responsibility initiatives."

At the end of the meeting, GCA and Park Cam presented products made from "glass" as gifts to the consumers who accumulated the highest points in the EKOMAT Project.


1 Year Study Results of EKOMAT Project Announced to the Public