Healthy Glass Trend Rises with İncreasing Consumer Awareness

In recent years, the demand for healthy, sustainable and recyclable packaging has been increasing with environmental awareness worldwide. At this point, glass stands out as the most preferred packaging, especially as it does not contain chemicals and keeps the products fresh. According to the research conducted by FEVE this year; 65% of consumers finds the quality of a glass packaged product higher and reliable. In addition, while there has been a 28% increase in the use of glass packaging in Europe in the last three years, it takes attention that this rate is at the level of 49% in Turkey.


The sensitivity of the new generation to environmental problems and the awareness of healthy living enable them to turn to glass products while purchasing products. However, although consumers have a positive perception of glass packaging products in Turkey, there is a serious lack of recycling of glass packaging. At this point, GCA, adopts sustainability and social responsibility as a priority task continues to work with the aim of not only increasing recycling rates, but also spreading the natural, renewable and sustainable features of glass to the society. GCA, which directly contributes to sustainability with recycling projects supports the goal of making the European glass packaging industry completely climate neutral by 2050 within the scope of FEVE Projects within the framework of international cooperation.


"Within GCA, we carry out studies based on sustainability"


GCA General Manager Dr. Abdullah Gayret, emphasizing the importance of glass packaging for health said, “Increasing environmental awareness around the world affects consumers' packaging choices. Especially in 2023, thanks to the sustainable and recyclable qualities of glass, we see that it has experienced the prominence it deserves in the packaging industry. In parallel with this trend, within GCA, we carry out many studies based on sustainability. We work in accordance with ISO 9001 and BRC/IoP standards and make quality and safe production. We adopt an environmentally friendly approach in our production facilities. We prioritize this approach in our equipment choices. In technology and material development, we focus on lightweighting solutions in glass packaging. We work on lighter glass packaging solutions while maintaining mechanical durability with R&D projects carried out both within our own organization and with various universities. Together with these studies, we continue to create awareness in the society with projects such as Close The Glass Loop in order to effectively introduce the advantages of glass as a natural and sustainable material to the society and to increase awareness. On the other hand, with our EKOMAT Project, which we created together with our business partners to encourage the recycling of packaging, we aim to increase the awareness of recycling in the society while recovering beverage packaging. We recovered approximately 2.1 million beverage packages in 1 year. In addition, we are proud to be the winner of the Jury Special Award at the Luxe Pack Monaco Fair with this project. "

Healthy Glass Trend Rises with İncreasing Consumer Awareness