Customer Project Coordinator

Customer Project Coordinator

As GCA, we take the concept of customer relationship management one step further and consider our cooperation with our business partners as a customer experience journey, and we always support development with our Customer Project Coordinator practice.

Our Customer Project Coordinators, with their high-level technical knowledge in glass packaging, make examinations at our business partners' own production facilities, prepare development proposals for our business partners, and become our business partner's strong voice at GCA by staying in close contact with them all possible support needs. In this way, it is ensured that the expectations and conditions in the projects carried out are analyzed effectively, and comfortable process management is provided in the working process of our business partners with glass packaging.

GCA Is With You In All Processes!

We see the glass packaging production and the filling process as an inseparable whole, and we walk with you at every stage of this journey.

  • Situation analysis is provided by conducting site visits to understand the process conditions of our business partners correctly and to provide a service and product experience compatible with their business processes.
  • The information obtained from our business partners provides input to the product development process and supports the transformation of expectations into action.
  • With the completion of the product development process, the technical teams observe the glass packaging and process compatibility with a site visit in the first trial production, and the areas open for improvement are determined.
  • Based on all these notifications and observations, the most optimal product is revealed for our business partners in the product development journey.
  • Based on the fact that development is a never-ending phenomenon, this cycle is repeated at every stage of our cooperation, and the voice of our business partners is positioned at the focal point of our way of doing business.