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GCA is an important glass packaging manufacturer in Turkey, producing glass containers for the food and beverage industry, offering glass jars and glass bottles of various sizes and shapes.

Among these beverage bottles of various shapes and sizes; Water bottle, mineral water bottle, fruit juice bottle, lemonade bottle, buttermilk bottle, soda bottle, cola bottle, soft drink bottle, cold coffee bottle, kefir bottle, malt drink bottle, milk bottle, olive oil bottle, wine bottle, soft drink bottle, vinegar, vinegar bottles, oil bottles, sauce bottles, glass bottle with glass lid, spirits bottle.

Among these jars of various shapes and sizes; jam jar, molasses jar, tomato paste jar, honey jar, cream chocolate jar, tahini jar, canned jar, olive jar, cable jar and sauce jar.

GCA, founded in 2015, building on Gürok Group's over 25 years of experience in glass tableware production with an innovative approach to the glass packaging industry.